8 Major Reasons Not To Move To Las Vegas

There is no place like Las Vegas in the entire world, therefore
people from all over the world come here on a daily basis. Vegas has changed over the years, but most of the changes have occurred in the past 6 to 7 years.


The housing market here is over-inflated. A typical 3 bedroom
1.5 to 2 bath home with 1500-1700 square feet that should sell for $140,000. to
$160,000. now sells for $230,000. to $250,000. The people that are buying these homes
and the high rise Condo units are the wealthy who use them for their second or third
homes or investors who rent them out.


The majority of the water used in Las Vegas comes from Lake Mead.
The lake is currently 50 to 55 feet BELOW the level it was at 6 to 7 years ago. The
population of Las Vegas is up around 2 million people. There are swimming pools in
a large amount of the homes. You see an awful lot of people tearing out their grass and
putting in Desert Landscaping which consists of colored rocks and a few plants. What is
going to happen in the next several years as the population grows even more?


Sure, every city has it’s traffic problems. In Las Vegas it is magnified
even more because of the poor freeway systems and the fact that the majority of the
population lives in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges. Vegas has some of the most
aggressive drivers in the United States. Some of the problem is a shortage of police out
on the streets patroling. Most cities have their normal RUSH HOUR traffic in the mornings
and the late afternoons. Vegas has RUSH HOUR all day long because of the 24 hour work
environment due to shifts stopping and starting all 24 hours. Also, because of the boom in
construction, massive amounts of construction workers help clog the streets. Gasoline
prices are among the highest in the nation.


It is dry heat! In the summer when it stays over 100 degrees every
single day it is really HOT! It drains you if you are out in it for very long. No thunderstorms
popping up for a little relief. No rivers or creeks nearby, just one big lake 25 miles away!


The school system is having big problems. They are building new schools
to catch up the the rising population which is good. The problem is finding teachers to
fill the vacancies. The starting salary of a school teacher is around $27,000. per year. Along
with the teachers being underpaid is the fact that there is no affordable housing for them
to relocate here. If you were a teacher, why would you want to move to Las Vegas and lower
your standard of living?


There are plenty of jobs, mainly in the casinos, and the main reason
there are plenty of jobs is because the casinos don’t treat you very well at all. When you
apply for any job at all, you must account for the past ten years of employment and you must
have good credit. Their attitude is that you can be replaced at a minutes notice by someone
else. On 9-11 the massive layoffs that occurred were unnecessary. The casinos were
worried about their BOTTOM LINE. Many management people were laid off and their job
title eliminated so that even though they had worked there for several years, they reapplied
and had to go through everything that a brand new person did and held no senority.


No matter where you live in the world right now, the lure of gambling
will never be as great as it is here in Las Vegas. Casinos, grocery stores, gas stations, and
most bars have gambling. When you live in Las Vegas gambling becomes an addiction. Sure,
there are shows and fine dining but where are they mostly located? In the casinos! Normal
activities that you might think of such as cooking out with family and friends and going out
with friends to dinner are very hard to do because everyone works all kinds of shifts and
have different days off. It is very difficult to get together with other people even once a month.
You can only stay home and watch television or movies so much, especially when you see and
feel the presence of gambling all around you. Another problem that goes hand in hand with
gambling is ALCOHOL. When you are in a casino for any length of time at all, you usually
have a few drinks. Why, because they are free! The dollar or two that you tip the cocktail
waitress still makes it very inexpensive. Alcohol clouds your judgement and you end up
making gambling decisions that you regret later. Gambling starts to take over your life.
Your money is spent on gambling instead of other things like vacations, nice clothes etc.
Like many others who live here, you tend to feel trapped. WORK, SLEEP, GAMBLE,
DRINK! What a viscious cycle that is very hard to escape!


If you are a caucasion natural born american citizen, you are a
minority among the population here in Vegas. There are people here from Korea, China, Israel,
Bulgaria, Mexico,The Felipines, Romania, Pakastan, Iran and Eithopia. Is this a negative aspect
to a city? It is an awful lot like living in New York city and San Francisco. You find it hard to
trust people when they don’t speak english because you don’t know what they are talking about.
Some of the cultures of people are naturally aggressive. You are constantly watching your
place in any type of line you’re in wether you’re at the grocery store, gas station or a fast food
establishment for fear you’ll lose your place. If you like the big city atmosphere such as in
New York or San Francisco then Vegas is for you! If you are used to friendly people who say
Hi and speak english and are not overly aggressive, then Vegas is NOT for you!